“If you give an audience a chance they will do half your acting for you.”
~   Katharine Hepburn

Ask Before You Write

Ask Before You Write

Do you have moments when you are motivated to write articles for your site but can't seem to find a place to start?

Next time that happens, start asking yourself questions to help you get started:


  • Who is the audience for this article?
    • who am I writing for?
    • what level of experience do they have?
    • what writing style is appropriate?
  • What is this article about?
    • are you writing to introduce people to your topic?
    • are you writing to raise awareness?
    • or are you writing to inform about something new in the industry? 
  • Where am I going with this?
    • what's on demand?
    • what is the goal of the article?
    • what will readers learn?
  • When do I want to stop?
    • how much information is enough?
    • where is the fine line between benefiting and overwhelming?
    • when writing separate article will be more effective?
  • Why would people want to read this information?
    • what do they want to achieve?
    • what are the benefits of this article?
    • why do they they need this information?
  • How will you deliver your point?
    • how can I "give" a lot but keep it simple?
    • how can I build trust?
    • how will this effect your readers to want to come back?





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Turned out to be Five Ws (and one H) for some reason. Hope these questions will help you get started with your writing. Always ask before you write.