I personally use Adobe Photoshop for most of my image editing for my websites. However, I realize that most people cannot afford having such an expensive software. In addition, Photoshop is stuffed with enormous amount of fancy features which most people will never use. Well, I have a free and a little less fancy substitute for you. It is the best free image editor I found online so far and it has most of the functions Photoshop has. Plus, the entire experience takes place in your browser.

Introducing The Best Free Online Image Editor:

Best Free Online Image Editor Sumo PaintSUMO PAINT Best Free Image Editor Sumo Paint



It has most of the features of Adobe Photoshop and the online version of it is absolutely free.

Like this?        

Here's what Sumo Paint intro interface looks like:

Best Free Image Editor Sumo Paint.

And here's their "Sumo Paint 1.0 in action" video:
(current version is 3.6 and it is even better, of course)

I don't use Firefox, but if you do they have an add-on for it here:
Also, they have tutorials and more on their YouTube channel:

Hope this will help a lot of people get more freedom online. Enjoy the best free image editor!

Know any other good free online image editors? Please add them in the comments below.