Browser Usage Statistics

Why would I want to cover this subject on internet marketing website? To simply make your experience online better and more enjoyable.

If you can't see some images, rounded corners, shadows, and other effects on this and other websites or your browser is just plain slow, consider upgrading or changing your current browser. Microsoft lost its touch in browser industry. Internet Explorer (IE) is slow and is not catching up with internet browser progress.  The latest version of Internet Explorer, IE9, is not much better.

Internet Explorer is slowly disappearing and dying as a browser (see browser usage statistics below – IE is going down, Chrome is skyrocketing). IE always had difficulties with new technology coming out. There is always a special section on tech forums dedicated to Internet Explorer issues.

According to the latest StatCounter browser usage statistics recommended choices are Google Chrome or Firefox:

Browser Usage Statistics

I personally prefer Chrome. It's powerful, clean, fast, and simple. You can get it here.
Make your online experience more enjoyable!

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However, as an internet marketer, you should at least have Chrome, IE, and Firefox browsers on your computer for testing purposes. Check browser usage statistics for the whole web and your website using StatCounter from time to time and deliver the best to your visitors.