Clients That Make Us Happy​​Conversation and stories about clients that made our life easier and clients we had pleasure to work with. What we can learn from these experiences and apply to our consulting.

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Some tips that were mentioned:

  • Look at the project, do research about industry and ask clients about their goals.
  • Have a kick off meeting to get to know client and have a list of questions for them: What are your goals? What audience do you want to attract? How do you approach needs of your customers? and many others to get them to have a plan for their business vs. just looking for your services.
  • This is an opportunity for us, consultants, to coach businesses with their identity, goals, planning and bigger picture.
  • As a business/business owner your client "doesn't know what they don't know."
  • When starting consulting, focus on talking about their business and vision, not your service/area of expertise.
  • Ask the hard questions and build long-lasting relationship.
  • It's important to identify who we want to work with on pre-qualification step. Example: do you want to work with someone who only cares to get a quote?
  • Talk to the clients in good, honest, old-fashioned language and not jargon. Understand who they are, where they've come from, where they want to go, what their goals are. Most of them don't know what those goals are and most of them don't understand what the metrics of success along that path are. That's up to us to help them understand what the metrics are so that their goals do become more achievable. That's when we establish long-time relationship.
  • Listen more; talk less. Become a better listener. Recommended book (not a sponsor): Questions That Sell
  • Explore established relationships to work with people who already understand your services. People who have enough knowledge and want to try new things.
  • It's fun to learn from your clients. Some clients have a lot to teach you.
  • Education: presenting why you're recommending what you're recommending can make a big difference.
  • Build a network of people you can refer to when things are outside your expertise.
  • Be transparent and honest about what you do and don't do (that's why having list of people you can refer to is important; you won't be at loss).
  • Pressing right buttons to get client to be honest.
  • Be open to help when client doesn't know where else to turn to build a more positive relationship (small extra questions that might not be in your direct area of service but don't require much effort)
  • Understand that your service has a direct impact (positive or negative) on the business (and even their life, if small business)
  • Always make sure your clients ask their customers a question "how did you find out about us?" This will validate our service and work we've done for us and them.
  • Under Promise and Over Deliver. Be upfront.
  • Don't play games with client's real business, if you want to play games then you should go to SV Dream jackpot. Don't test on business. Treat it like it's your mom's or dad's business.
  • Educate clients to look at their analytics.
  • Watch this conversation back 2-3 times :)