Don't Ask Too Much Too Soon

How many times this past week alone did you search for helpful information or advice about something online and ended up on over-promotional sites tossing their high pressure sales pitch in your face before giving you a chance to get the information you searched for? What was your reaction? Image on the left looks familiar (that site being the poor guy)?

Are you sure your site and marketing strategies are not like that? Are you sure?
Are you sure you’re not asking too much too soon?

There’s tons of information coming our way everyday. But we, as consumers, got smarter too. Various studies show that. We want value but want to make decision without pressure. That’s the reason behind huge decline in effectiveness of cold calling, paper ads that come in the mail, and other “traditional” media. Now the same happens online with people and strategies that don’t give consumers freedom they want.

You don’t walk up to the girl you like and kiss her on the lips. You will get slapped, no doubt. In order to build a healthy, trustful and long-lasting relationship that leads into happy and enjoyable marriage you need to start slow and take little steps in this long process. Building trust takes time. Don’t rush!

Treat your audience the same way. Let them learn more about you. Give them value and don’t ask much in return.  Otherwise, they will not buy from you and will not use your service or products. Give them freedom to choose and they will choose you when they are ready to trust you.

It is absolutely essential that you build relationship with your online audience gradually. Build relationship and trust the same way you do that in real life. Relationship is the key.

Think like a customer and look at your internet marketing strategies critically. Look at your website, social media, email marketing and your other interactions online. Are they “customer-friendly” and give people time to learn more about you, your website or business while providing value from you with no pressure? Show your prospects that you care. On the following article you will learn some professional tricks to handle hard customers

Here are some practical ideas to help you build trust online:

  • always be helpful
  • create relative and interesting content that people search for
  • be personal; don’t take business too serious
  • be available and use social media, email and other sources to stay in touch with your audience
  • provide quick response
  • build authority in your area though networking and people’s recommendations
  • provide great products or services
  • be flexible with your customers; provide guarantees and have options for refund
  • test your website or brand design and organization

And finally, when you built that original trust, don’t be afraid to “ask.”

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What are you thoughts about building trust online? Do you have proven strategies that work? Are there any tips you want to share on how to build strong customer relationships online?
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