Local Digital Media with Greg Sterling​​​​Conversation with Greg Sterling, the founding principal of Sterling Market Intelligence, who shares research and impact of online and digital media on consumer behavior on his blogs: Screenwerk and Internet2Go and also writes for Search Engine Land.

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– Digital media: helping people making purchase decisions that ultimately happen offline.

– Small section of total US retail is e-commerce (6%, not including services) but two worlds, online and offline, are coming together. Examples: Uber or OpenTable.

– 80-90% (various sources) of consumers do online research that effects purchasing decisions.

– Yelp: 62% of searches coming from mobile. Some visuals here.

– Monitor reviews and address/respond.

– As business owner, you can't pay attention to everything. What's important is to be present & understand your audience and consumer expectations. Syndicate your business listings. [my add: I really like Digital Darvinism article by Brian Solis on this]

– As a consultant, you do need to look at data and figure out what's really going on and how people are behaving. Understand your customers to the extent that's possible. Have open mind and grounded approach – don't disregard specific media just based on your bias. What are your customers actually using? Don't be distracted by new, shiny objects. Be methodical.

– "E-commercification" of local business is happening: online scheduling, online payments, smartphone usage,… Huge and critical area to address.

– E-commerce Will Exceed $210B This Year

– Big discussion about indoor location and future of local tracking and marketing. Want to emphasize Swirl (in-store mobile marketing), Bluetooth low energy, existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, LED lighting, sound technology, geofencing, magnetic energy… There is a whole range of technologies to locate people in stores to deliver relevant promotions. Enormous amount of data to see full transaction process. Imagine Google Analytics goals and funnels in real (offline) environment. Fascinating!

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