Distilled Seattle Meetup Seattle Distilled office had a meetup yesterday and I was privileged to be there, meet great people in local SEO industry and listen to two wonderful presentations.

Spending most of the work time online at home it was a great chance for me to interact face-to-face with people who I follow online and locals in the same industry.


Tell Me The Story of Your Life

No. Not really. It didn't go that far but it was great to stand in a group of 3-5 people and simply talk about what they do, how they started in SEO world, who their audience is or where they went hiking last year.

It was fun to hear stories of people in Distilled team (yellow background for Seattle) many of whom moved to work here from other states or other countries. Or who went to the same school that I went to – University of Washington. It was an open-mind experience to hear what some local SEOs do with their business here in the area. It was fascinating for me to meet in-person and chat with Rand Fishkin (co-founder and CEO of SEOmoz).

Overall, I spend too much time online and need to interact with locals in SEO industry more. Looking forward to future Distilled events and other local meetups.

Battlestar Galactica (BSG)

Ok, I never watched it, just like James, but it was still funny and made a lot of sense.

Jonathon Colman did a "non-standard" presentation about Battlestar Galactica and how it relates to SEO and website performance:


Be sure to at least check out the slides (new jokes are not included), look at very important statistics and take some action on your site. I wrote a relevant post regarding increasing speed on your WordPress-based site a little while ago. However, there was a lot of new practical information in Jonathon's presentation for me, especially CSS sprites which I never paid attention to.

Main presentation point was – "The site performance business case isn't just about SEO – it's about customer UX (user experience)."

User Experience in SEO

Then Rob Ousbey, Distilled VP Operations in Seattle, did a presentation about UX as a key point in optimization:


The event was extremely satisfying and social. Thank you, Distilled!
Looking forward to more local SEO industry interaction.

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