Business of Writing with David Amerland​​​

What a great conversation with ​​​​​​​​David Amerland, speaker and analyst at! We talked about the business of writing, from both perspectives: writers and businesses.

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What we discussed:

  • People are reading and writing more than ever before, even though we might have the urge to feel/say otherwise. Why? We have the need to communicate and constantly share ideas.
  • Building a brand. It used to be that writers could let their work speak for itself. There's danger in that today. Because your work, instead of being a part of the "signal," can become a part of "annoyance." Writers need to step up and be business-like. Put human face to your work because people connect to the writer first and then work second.
  • You have to think like a business. Whether you are a business or a writer, operating on your own, you need to show who you are, establish connections in a very real way and let people get to know you because they have to buy into your own belief system in order for them then to feel comfortable and establish essential trust for them to go further and make a purchase.
  • Writers need to be able to open up, take a risk and learn from whatever happens. That's the real way of actually developing.
  • How do businesses share their unique character of their personality?
  • How can writers break from "oDesk mindset" (being cheap service) and get into push-pull relationship?
  • And much much more…

Summary/thoughts from Dietmar Reigber:

[Thank you very much for sharing this, Dietmar!]


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