The Most Important Concept In Internet MarketingThere are many various things that are important in internet marketing. Keyword research and selection is extremely important. Great content, on-page and off-page optimization efforts are of great importance. Building organic traffic and creating long-term strategies is essential. However, all of the above will have least effect and return if you’re not offering value and being helpful online.

Here is the most important concept in internet marketing: value proposition.

Value Proposition = the main reason prospects should take the action you ask them to take; promise of value to be delivered.

It is extremely important to have a clear and powerful value proposition for your website, right here you will learn why. But in order to have one you need to clearly understand what value proposition really is. Here are some questions that your prospects might ask in their mind that can help you understand this concept:

  • Why should I buy from you rather than your competitors?
  • What do you have that others don’t?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • Will the value of the action that you’re asking me to take outweigh the cost (the amount of effort I have to put into the action)?

Your value proposition is the 1-sentence answer to the above questions. Hope you understand how important value proposition is, create a simple and yet powerful one for your site, and stick to it.


Is this helpful?        


Thought sequence and value proposition

The easiest example of such thought process being applied is the “buy” button, of course, when your visitors decide whether to buy from you or not. However, it is not just limited to the final decision process. It applies to every aspect of your website. There must be a proper thought sequence from the point visitors find something you posted on the internet all the way to your website and all the way to your “buy” button.

Here are just some examples where value proposition should be applied:

Traffic Channels and Strategies

When you comment on blogs, answer questions on forums, or participate in discussions on social networks people have opinion about what you post. If your comments are useless or lack knowledge and your point is just to leave your link there people can tell that you don’t care. They will either ignore your comment or mark it as spam.

On the contrary, if you take your time to research and address the question properly, leave a helpful reply, and possibly include your link below (or in signature, or in resources section) – people will appreciate that. Your comments will get positive feedback and many will want to read more and check your link.

Being Helpful OnlineThis is how you apply value proposition with off-page optimization strategies – by being helpful and authentic online and not directly asking for anything in return. It does work and you will rip fruits of your efforts but that requires a mindset change – from “spamming” to “helping” that is.

Why should I check the link you posted instead of other links of the page?
Why should I visit your website?


Email MarketingIf you’re utilizing email marketing in your internet marketing efforts, be sure that your email titles are attracting and leading prospects to read your emails and that your email content has more “value” for the reader than the action they must take to click your link in the email, also adding the right images to your email and site help with this, and you can see this page to find the right tools for this purpose. You don’t just click on the link. You first analyze if it’s worth clicking.

Why should I spend reading your email instead of another 5-10 that I received today?
Why should I click your link after reading the email?

Page/Post Title

Your title should interest your visitors and lead them into the first paragraph. It must offer the value that visitors cannot refuse; so they would want to find out more.

After reading the title, will this article interest me?
Does this title lead me into the conversation?

Page/Post Content

Helpful ContentGreat! They started reading. Will they continue reading? You need to provide value in your content. Your content has to be original and helping readers address their curiosity or concerns. Have visuals (images or video) to help them understand your information. Again, be helpful on your website.

Why should I spend time reading your post?
Are you addressing my concern and how?

Links or Buy Buttons

You can read read my other post about this very important subject – “What Do I Get in Exchange for the Click?” Your call-to-action is one of your last steps that will often decide whether all your previous efforts with on-page and off-page optimization were worth it. Don’t mess it up!


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There are many other big and small areas where you can apply the concept of value proposition. Just remember that every action (read, click, open, buy…) you ask someone to take implies value proposition. Value proposition must outweigh the “cost” or the effort your prospects take.

Be helpful online!

Max Minzer